Who Are the Final Two on American Idol Season 6?

Were you shocked to see Melinda Doolittle sent home on American Idol Season 6? I really wasn’t and neither was she. She was just happy to have gone as far as she did, knowing now that she can make it as a solo vocalist, no longer singing “six feet” back of the lead.

I really thought that with LaKisha Jones being sent home the previous week that maybe some of her votes would flow Melinda and Jordin Sparks’ way. I guess those that were LaKisha fans and continued to vote, went with youth and potential over incredibly good and seasoned. Hey, maybe they decided to vote for Blake Lewis. I just don’t know anymore.

Speaking of not knowing, where do you think Melinda’s fans will cast their votes, should they continue to do so? My first guess is that they would vote more for Jordin than for Blake. Actually, I think the real question is, how many 12-year-old girls are out there, thumbs just waiting to text message while simultaneously dialing the four numbers for Blake.

Did you see his video piece from his trip back up here to Seattle, everywhere he went there were a lot of prepubescent girls screaming at the top of their lungs? While the show reaches most demographics, these are the people that, I believe, vote the most. I wonder how close the vote was between Melinda and the other two? How close were Blake and Jordin from each other?

American Idol Season 6 – Top 2 Rankings:

  1. Jordin Sparks – Probably has the best chance of winning, but I thought Melinda was going to win, so you never know. Has gotten better over the weeks of the competition, but still has some blah performances that just don’t connect. Definitely, and Simon would agree, needs to go younger with her song choices.
  2. Blake Lewis – Needs a performance equivalent to Bon Jovi week to win this thing. He needs to get people jumping out of their seats. Anything less, and even the legions of Blaker girls will not be enough to win the whole thing.

Who do you think will take home the recording contract and the win? Who will be watching their Idol life pass before their eyes via video? Who of American Idol Season 6’s Top 12 do you think will have a record out in the next year? Who will be the biggest seller?

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