One Tree Hill Fast Forward Videos – Season 5

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008 marks the return of One Tree Hill to The CW with a two-hour season premiere. The show flashes forward 4+ years and drops you back into the lives of Brooke, Haley, Lucas, Mouth, Nathan, and Peyton.

It has never been one of the best shows on TV, but it has plugged right along, first on The WB and now on The CW. The TVaholic still wishes they had gone through with the plans to do this with the far superior Veronica Mars. But, alas they didn’t. So, the return of One Tree Hill will just have to do, since there is very little else in the scripted drama department these days, due to the writers’ strike.

Now, it jumps from the end of high school in season four, to after college in season five. Bizarrely enough, most will still be playing characters that are still younger than they are.

Get a look at what the new season has in store for the One Tree Hill gang with some flash forward videos. (Note: If you are reading this via RSS or email, you may need to click the post title and go to the site to view the videos.) Or, download a fast forward with the cast of One Tree Hill at Amazon Unbox.

Fast Forward with Brooke Davis

Fast Forward with Lucas Scott

Fast Forward with Haley & Nathan Scott

Fast Forward with Peyton Sawyer

Fast Forward with Marvin “Mouth” McFadden

Fast Forward with New Characters

Have you been anxiously awaiting the return of One Tree Hill? What do you think of the flash forward idea?

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