Top 7 Super Bowl XLII Commercials for 2008

In yesterday’s Tonight on the Tube post, I stated, “The Giants continue to surprise, but the TVaholic has the feeling we are in for a Patriots blowout. Really hope that I am wrong, as a Super Bowl that is close like the last game of the season between these two teams would be outstanding. So, hopefully there will at least be some good commercials.” Well, there wasn’t a blowout, but only one of my hopes came true. We got the “outstanding” game that went down to the wire, but the commercials were pretty terrible. It is a bad sign when the FOX promos for Prison Break, House and American Idol were better than most of the commercials that companies paid millions to produce and air. So, in a pretty lackluster field of competition, here are the TVaholic’s prime seven Super Bowl XLII commercials for 2008.

Top 7 Super Bowl XLII Commercials

  1. Bud Light “Breathe Fire” – Not overly original, but still funny none-the-less.
  2. T-Mobile “Wade & Barkley” – Wade finally gets into Barkley’s Fave Five, but lives to regret it. They have been setting up this payoff for quite sometime. Although, I still like the one where Barkley calls Wade as he is about to sink a putt that would get him in Barkley’s five is the best of this series of ads.
  3. Bud Light “Jackie Moon” – Letting Will Ferrell just ramble on can be hit or miss, but it works out pretty well here. Wouldn’t you like to see the outtakes on this one?
  4. Vitamin Water: “Horse Race” – It’s Shaquille O’Neal on a horse. That’s just funny.
  5. Budweiser “Rocky” – Classic Budweiser commercial, as it hits the cute target right smack dab in the center.
  6. Pepsi “Justin Timberlake” – Who doesn’t enjoy seeing Justin Timberlake take a mailbox post to the crotch and a flat screen TV to the head?
  7. Diet Pepsi Max “What is Love” – Not really that funny, until Chris Kattan makes a cameo at the end. But, you just can’t stop bobbing your head when this song starts up. And hey, now both of the Butabi brothers have made the top seven.

It wasn’t a very good year for Super Bowl ads, at least the game turned out to be good. So, what were your favorite Super Bowl XLII commercials?

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  • Keri Feb 4, 2008, 10:58 am

    What about the pidgeon FedEx commercial? I loved that one!

  • Jason the TVaholic Feb 4, 2008, 3:30 pm

    Keri, the Fed Ex commercial would probably make the top eight.

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