Tonight on the Tube: Las Vegas, House, Chuck, Stargate Atlantis, Monk & Psych

News & Notes

Download Psych Episodes at Amazon UnboxTonight, CBS has a Celine Dion: That’s Just the Woman in Me special and NBC has the season finale of Las Vegas.

Over on cable, USA has the season finale of Psych.

In returning shows news for Fridays, ABC has not officially declared what will happen to Women’s Murder Club and Men in Trees still has 11 episodes and will start airing again on Wednesday, February 27th, CBS will have more Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs as of April 4th and Moonlight as of April 11th, The CW will continue to air WWE SmackDown!, and NBC has not released any information on when or if we will get more Friday Night Lights or Las Vegas next season. Find out when all your favorite CBS and NBC shows will be back. ABC, The CW and FOX have yet to officially announce return dates.

Prime Picks

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): Repeat. The Chief wants to have a gentleman’s evening. Cristina and Izzie are competing for surgeries. Meredith works on a guy that lived after his parachute didn’t open and he fell to earth.

Las Vegas (NBC): Season Finale. The surveillance room is overrun and Danny, Piper and Mitch are being held hostage. Mike’s mom finds out that he got married and she wasn’t there. Runs two hours. This is the actual season finale. No more episodes are planned for this season. No word on what will happen for next season.

Solid Selections

House (FOX): Repeats. Tonight is House solves the problem by remote night. First up is the episode, “Failure to Communicate,” where his team has to work a case with him out of town. The second episode, is the post Super Bowl episode, “Frozen,” where House has to solve a case via webcam of a woman in Antarctica. Pretty much every episode of House is great, but these two episodes are two of its best.

Numb3rs (CBS): Repeat. The team is on the hunt for a humanitarian thief who has stolen from the safety deposit boxes of the rich and donated it to charity. Will be back April 4th with the first of six new episodes.

Cable Choices

Chuck (Sci Fi): Repeat. Episode three, “Chuck Versus the Tango,” replays, where Chuck is trying to show he is ready to become assistant manager and also has to go undercover for the first time. Episode four, “Chuck Versus the Wookie,” plays next week.

Monk (USA): New. Part one of the two and has Monk on the run after being falsely accused of murder in a small town. Runs 62 minutes. Plays again later. Next week is the season finale.

Psych (USA): Season Finale. Shawn and Gus are hired to find a missing mummy that disappeared from the museum and everything points to it having done so on its own. Plays again later.

Other Options

  • Desperate Housewives (ABC): Repeat. Carlos ends things with Edie. Susan finds out that Mike’s dad isn’t really dead.
  • Paula’s Party (Food Network): New. Romantic dishes are prepared. Plays again later.
  • Stargate Atlantis (Sci Fi): New. Teal’c is brought on to help Ronan with is IOA suitability review. Plays again later. Last week’s episode, “Trio,” replays right before.
  • What Not to Wear: Homecoming (TLC): New. A woman wants to get the makeover treatment before her husband returns home from a five-month deployment. Plays again later.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has the All-Star Celebrity Game from the NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans followed by college basketball with Pittsburgh at Marquette.
  • TNT has the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge & Youth Jam from NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans.

Late Night

  • Nip/Tuck (FX): Repeat. Tuesday’s episode, “August Walden,” replays. Runs 62 minutes.

TV Marathons

MTV has 12 episodes of America’s Next Top Model.
Oxygen has six episodes of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.
Sci Fi has eight episodes of The Twilight Zone early.

What looks good to you tonight?

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