Reaper Returns and Sam Finally Gets a Date With Andi

Reaper makes its post-strike return tonight on The CW. I never thought the “Pilot” was as good as many critics, reviewers and others made it out to be and the show lost me as a viewer about four episodes in. With all the new shows premiering last fall, this one just didn’t keep me interested enough to keep watching, especially with the competition in this timeslot back then. It was up against House on FOX and The Unit on CBS, both of which the TVaholic watches. But, I will be back tonight for one reason. There is nothing else worth watching, or that I haven’t already seen, in the second hour of primetime on the other networks. And, there hasn’t been for weeks now. At any rate, here are a couple of clips from tonight’s episode, “Rebellion.” (RSS and eMail Subscribers may need to click to the site to view the videos)

Nothing Like a Whack to the Head to Provide Clarity

Stop Talking and Get Hammering

What did you think of the clips? Have you been looking forward to the return of Reaper? Will you be watching tonight? Let us know in the comments.

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