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Show: Related
Episode: Series Premiere
Originally Aired: Wednesday, October 5th 2005
Rating: 2½ out of 4 stars

Quick Synopsis: The lives and interactions of four sisters.

Long Synopsis: Four sisters, who lost their mother in the past, now deal with their lives, their father, his fiancée and their relationships. The oldest is married and on the fast track at work and is pregnant. The next is a therapist whose six-year relationship is ending. The next is the flighty free spirit who finds out she is being evicted and has to move home. The youngest is changing college majors from pre-med to experimental theater. This is where the story of these characters starts off.

Review: This show was fun and fast paced. It really does move along quite briskly. While the show was wholly predictable it was completely enjoyable. The dialogue and character interactions were great to watch and follow as they zipped along through the story. It would seem to be a better-fit following Gilmore Girls than One Tree Hill or maybe that would be too much girl power on one night.

They did a good job of introducing the characters. It seemed natural and not forced like some shows. You had adequate information about this family and by the end of the show you felt like you knew these women. Now that you know them will you want to follow along with their lives, that is the question?

The predictable-ness of the show is what kept it from getting a better rating. The sisters find out in the opening that their father is asking the woman he has been dating, which three of them don’t really like, to marry him. While planning the engagement party we find out that the oldest sister is pregnant, the next is possibly ending a relationship, the next needs to move back in with dad and the youngest is finding herself by piercing her tongue among other things. Each of these revelations is found out by only one other family member and none are ready for the family to find out, which you know is going to happen at the party with one revealing someone else’s secret to take the spotlight off themselves. This is exactly what happened. Also, little attention is paid to the pregnant one after all the revelations. The next morning she is complaining of such to her husband even though she didn’t want them to make a fuss about it. You know that the whole family is going to show up to show their support and make a fuss. The doorbell rings and there they are. These were just two of a handful of things that you saw coming before they happened.

Being predictable was forgivable given that the story that was told in the first episode was able to give you a solid foundation of how this family operates and who these people are. The fast pace and movement of the show and the interaction of the sisters could be worth watching, if they can keep it up and move away from being so predictable.

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