Tonight on the Tube: What I Like About Malcolm, Aliens and the FBI

Friday’s have a few decent TV shows worth watching. What television programs will you be watching tonight?

Prime Picks

What I Like About You (WB): Holly assures Tina she won’t tell Gary when Tina finally confesses that she has feelings for him and Vic talks Val into going out with Lauren and a firefighter buddy of his.
Malcolm in the Middle (Fox): Tonight Hal forgets to pay for the family’s health insurance and the company he can’t get reinstated until Monday. I am sure that everything works out just find when he panics and to keep the boys from getting hurt he locks them in their room.

Threshold (CBS): Tonight we find Molly and the red team chasing down a lead when a police officer is killed while attempting an arrest. They believe that a member of the missing Big Horn crew may be involved.

Numb3rs (CBS): On the best show on Friday night we follow Don and the team on a search for a stalker. Then a celebrity photographer is killed and Don starts to think that the pop princess being stalked is not actually a victim.

Solid Selections

Ghost Whisperer (CBS): I still can’t believe this show replaced Joan of Arcadia. What a disappointment. Tonight she may lose one, as she tries to help a dead teenager apologize to her past betrayal of her twin sister.

Reba (WB): Tonight Cheyenne wants Reba get Van start going to church again but she fails, so she goes to the church’s handsome new minister for help.
Hot Properties (ABC): Tonight is the series premiere for this Friday night comedy. In the opener we watch Ava and Chloe find out that they both have had a fling with the same guy and now his fiancée is one of their clients and she thinks the guy is not experienced.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC): In this repeat from last Sunday we follow Det. Logan as he gets his first case at the Major Case squad with his new partner Det. Barek as they look into a string of jewelry store robberies that are turning deadly.

Other Options

Three Wishes (NBC): Two hours of granting wishes that includes the relocation of a family that lost all in Hurricane Katrina, the gratifying of a wannabe singer’s dream and the surprise of a reunion for a father who is terminally sick.

20/20 (ABC): The news magazine tonight tells of the booming real estate market. Get the expert scoop on getting top dollar for your home, what you need to know to sell real estate sans broker, what $200,000 will get you in today’s market and the building of a dream home.

Cable Choices

What Not to Wear: Wannabe (TLC): Two hours of the cast searching for people who think they could replace them.

Nip/Tuck (FX): Tonight we find Sean, Julia and Christian fighting for solution for Matt’s downward spiral that they all can agree on and Christian tries to help his old fraternity out after some hazing goes badly.


Right now on ESPN2 the Red Sox are just three innings away from losing the Division series to the White Sox. Later the Yankees and Angels face off in game three of their tied series on ESPN.

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