Review: Hot Properties

Show: Hot Properties
Episode: Series Premiere
Originally Aired: Friday, October 7th 2005
Rating: 1½ out of 4 stars

Quick Synopsis: Four women who sell real estate in New York

Long Synopsis: Four women in the real estate selling business in New York commiserate about love, men and relationships. It is set in an office with a central secretary for these real estate women, a plastic surgeon and a therapist. It was very Bob Newhart in that respect.

Review: The show is fast paced and dialogue driven but unfortunately I didn’t find it to be all that funny. Similar to Kitchen Confidential except at the end of that show I had the feeling that I liked it. Not so much the case here, at least after the first episode. Maybe I had seen the promos for this show to many times or something and stuff that was supposed to be funny I had already heard. Although this would not explain the rest of the attempts at humor that weren’t given away in the commercials.

Don’t get me wrong the cast is solid. Their timing was good, the dialogue quick and the characters being portrayed are somewhat interesting. They just didn’t come of as natural. The jokes just fell flat and felt a bit forced.

A viewing of the next episode is definitely in order to see if the cast and stories jell and we end up with something worth watching because so far it is not.

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