January 2006

New TV shows on DVD out today. Any TV shows here that you find of interest? Check out this week’s Prime Picks for your viewing pleasure. Prime TV on DVD Picks The A-Team – Season 3 This was a fun show and one of my favorites growing up. A live action cartoon, if you will. [...]

The President gives the State of the Union speech tonight. This will interrupt normal network programming except on FOX and The WB. If The Shield isn’t your mug of beer then check out The Closer as it continues to repeat the first season on TNT. Prime Picks State of the Union (ABC, CBS, NBC): President [...]

The second to last episode of Surface is on tonight on NBC. The show has not yet been renewed for a second season. From what I have read Episode 15 next week will tie some things up but will leave an opening for a future episodes. It is kind of like The 4400 was on [...]

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