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Love Monkey : A NovelShow: Love Monkey
Episode: Series Premiere
Originally Aired: Tuesday, January 17th 2006
Rating: 3½ out of 4 stars

Quick Synopsis: A music label rep in NYC looks for love and great music.

Long Synopsis: Tom Cavanaugh (Ed) is a guy named Tom that loves music, lives in New York City and has a group of close friends. Jason Priestly (Beverly Hills, 90210, Tru Calling) plays one of them and is also married to his sister. Larenz Tate and Christopher Wiehl play the other two. He also has a close girlfriend played by Judy Greer. She is a girl and a friend but not a well you know. Tom works for a music label as a rep and has a girlfriend who sings in a band. By the end of the show he has no girlfriend and is working for another label. He and his friends hangout and talk about love, life and music. The title comes from a book by Kyle Smith called Love Monkey on which the show is loosely based. In the book the Tom character works for newspaper called Tabloid not in the music industry.

Review: This show is great. I really liked it. I found myself just sitting there smiling the whole time. When it was over I couldn’t wait for preview to see what is coming up next week. The cast seemed like they had been working together for quite some time, as they seem to have really gelled already.

The shows pacing was also outstanding as it moved the story along at a quick clip buy it really kept you interested and was easy to follow. When it was over you couldn’t believe the hour was up already. The minor half star quibble is mainly for the slight predictability of how everything was going to end up at the end. Yet it was a great introduction to some truly fun characters to watch each week.

Tom Cavanaugh is just one of those actors you love to watch on screen as he interacts with other characters. He is incredibly likable. He seems to have found a persona that suits him and embraced it. The way he delivers his lines is fantastically funny. The rest of the ensemble is pretty good also.

If you liked the show Ed, music pop culture dialogue like you might hear on Gilmore Girls or a movie like High Fidelity, great character interaction or just great TV in general then you might want to give this show a try. I think you will really enjoy it.

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