Tonight on the Tube: One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars and CSI: NY

Veronica MarsLost and Invasion are repeats tonight on ABC as well as Criminal Minds on CBS and Law & Order on NBC. Take this opportunity to watch something new. The first hour of primetime will probably be dominated by American Idol on FOX but in the second hour give Veronica Mars on UPN a look. This show has some of the best writing on TV. It also has great characters, fun dialogue and episodes that can be enjoyed without knowing all the back-story on the big overall mystery. What will you be watching tonight on TV?

Prime Picks

One Tree Hill (WB): A storm blows through Tree Hill and knocks out the power.

Veronica Mars (UPN): Last week’s episode was one of the best ever. This week Wallace gets falsely identified as the driver in the hit and run accident that happened at his former high school. Veronica has to help.

CSI: NY (CBS): A guy is running around shooting people with arrows. The team investigates so they can put a stop to it.

Solid Selections

George Lopez (ABC): George drops out of school when things start to get to hard and then he tries to hide that fact from his family until his former professor drops by.
Yes, Dear (CBS): Jimmy and Greg plan a surprise anniversary that goes bad and they have to quickly figure out how to save it.

Bones (FOX): The burned body of a woman is found in a car and there is evidence that her child has been taken.

Law & Order (NBC): Repeat of Birthright.

Other Options

American Idol (FOX): More auditions.

Lost (ABC): Repeat of Numbers where Hurley goes off into the jungle after the French woman and Jack and the rest go after him.

Invasion (ABC): Repeat where Dave finds out about the wedding band he found with the skeleton in the water and a baby is left at the Ranger station.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Emeril cooks up a Belgian feast.

MythBusters (Discovery Channel): The helium football is tested.

Good Eats (Food Network): Alton takes another look at tenderloin.
Ham on the Street (Food Network): Get a look at grilling from a different perspective.

Sports Notes

ESPN has Duke at Boston College in NCAA basketball action.

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