Tonight on the Tube: Doug, Barney, Jack and Horatio

CSI: MiamiHow great is it to look at the primetime schedule and not see any repeats or Winter Olympics on the schedule? Great indeed even though not everything on is great. The Apprentice starts another run at finding the top candidate in its new timeslot in the second hour of primetime and Deal or No Deal is back for another weeks run on NBC starting tonight. Over on ABC The Bachelor: Paris comes to an end finally. What will you be watching now that the TV schedule is back to normal?

Prime Picks

The King of Queens (CBS): Arthur brings back bug-infested sheets from a trip to Florida and they take over the house.
How I Met Your Mother (CBS): We get to see Barney before he became the Barney he is today and it doesn’t look pretty. Everyone has to tell his or her most embarrassing moments to get Barney to come clean.

24 (FOX): Jack meets up with the man who recruited him into counterterrorism. Meanwhile the first lady has taken a ride with the Russian President and his wife that is about to be attacked. What will the wishy washy President Logan do?

CSI: Miami (CBS): A child molester who was previously convicted is found murdered in the neighborhood where Alexx lives.

Solid Selections

Skating With Celebrities (FOX): The final two couples skate their final routines before the judges.

Two and a Half Men (CBS): Mia has been trying to get Charlie to eat better and live healthier but he is starting to not be able to handle it. This leads to burgers, beer and cigars having to be snuck in the garage.
Courting Alex (CBS): Alex tries to fix-up Molly by getting Scott to get one of his friend to go out with her but things don’t go very well.

Medium (NBC): Allison’s feeling for a boy on trial leads her to not be able to be impartial regarding the case.

Other Options

Deal or No Deal (NBC): Howie Mandel is back asking people what the deal is or isn’t.

Related (WB): Ginnie is having more complications with the pregnancy leaving her and Bob scared and spending more time at the hospital.

No other options that I can recommend in the third hour of primetime tonight.

Cable Choices

Wildfire (ABC Family): Kris doesn’t get along very well with a legendary trainer and Charlie proposes to Jean.

Unwrapped (Food Network): Atomic treats are looked at.
Unwrapped (Food Network): Repeat look at spices.

American Chopper (Discovery Channel): Senior goes about building himself a vintage bike after returning from the trip to Europe.

Sports Notes

ESPN has college hoops with Pittsburgh at West Virginia followed by Oklahoma State at Oklahoma.

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