American Idol Top 12: How They Faired on the Bigger Stage

How did the American Idol Top 12 fair on the bigger stage and under the brighter lights. Well they sure didn’t start off very well. Simon was right, it was like there were two shows going on last night and the first one was pretty bad. The second just kept getting better and better right up until the end.

The theme last night was Stevie Wonder songs. They each got to meet and sing for him and get a few tips. So who would put them to the best use? Who would make it their own? Take a risk? Knock our collective socks off? The theme nights can be real trouble for some, as it will undoubtedly push them out of their comfort zone. To win the American Idol competition these are the things you need to do every time you hit the stage. As Randy would say “it has got to be da bomb.”

So how did their first performances on the bigger stage and in front of a much larger audience rank? In my opinion as follows:

  1. Chris Daughtry – This was the best total package performance, vocals, stage presence and personality. He made it his own and pulled it off.
  2. Taylor Hicks – He can’t dance but somehow what he does on stage works because he has the vocals and personality to back it up.
  3. Paris Bennett – The little girl can sing. She does seem, as Paula said, to be a “seasoned performer” for someone so young.
  4. Katharine McPhee – She gets better and better each week. Simon even compared her vocally to Kelly Clarkson.
  5. Lisa Tucker – She finally showed a little personality tonight. It had been lacking in her previous performances but she sure can sing.
  6. Mandisa – A little slip tonight but definitely the best of the first half of the show which wasn’t all that good.
  7. Elliot Yamin – Great vocals but he just didn’t seem into it. As Simon put it “no wow factor.”
  8. Melissa McGee – She forgot the words in front of Stevie Wonder and then again onstage. Not really knowing the song I didn’t know that until Randy brought it up. What words she did remember sounded really good.
  9. Bucky Covington – This scratchy voiced country rocker was just out of his element. He finally got rid of the ponytail but the “Jessica Simpson hair” as Simon put it wasn’t much better.
  10. Kellie Pickler – She sure stumbled tonight. She looked great and didn’t sound that bad but it was a boring song and as Randy said it “didn’t work.”
  11. Ace Young – Wow what a poor way to start the show. This was by far his worst showing yet.
  12. Kevin Covais – I am sorry but he has got to go. His voice is pretty good but come on singing Part Time Lover. It just didn’t fit. All I could think of when he was up there singing is that somebody is playing a cruel practical joke on him with these song choices.

So I would say that any of the last five could end up with the least votes. Yet Ace and Kellie will probably get a one-week pass to improve. That leaves Bucky, Melissa and Kevin with the most likelihood of receiving the least number of votes and being the bottom three, with hopefully Little Kevin going home. Bucky and Melissa are the two that I thought would be leaving last week instead of Gedeon and Ayla.

Who do you think will be leaving American Idol after last night’s performances? Who do you think had the best night? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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