Tonight on the Tube: Sitcoms, March Madness and American Inventor

Washington Huskies March Madness T-ShirtThe NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament starts today. Go Washington Huskies! Did you get your brackets filled out? If you are looking for something other than basketball to watch ABC, NBC and FOX are all new tonight. In news from last night were you surprised at who ended up in the bottom three on American Idol? I sure was. Who the heck is voting for Kevin? He is definitely this years John Stevens. The voters will keep him around for maybe a couple more weeks and then say goodbye. What do you think? Who did you think should have left the show?

Prime Picks

That ‘70s Show (FOX): Donna thinks about whether or not to date Randy.
Four Kings (NBC): Jason gets left holding the iguana. It is not as bad as it sounds.

My Name Is Earl (NBC): Earl wants to do something nice for his mother for all the Mother’s Days he has forgotten and all she wants him to do is do something nice for his father.
The Office (NBC): Ah, it is take your child to work day. Michael and children, that can’t be good but it probably, will be funny.

ER (NBC): Dr. Weaver thinks about getting a hip replacement and Kovac tries to calm Abby’s fears about raising a child together.

Solid Selections

Will & Grace (NBC): Grace decides to tell Leo that she is pregnant.
The Loop (FOX): I didn’t find the first episode of this show last night all that good. If Four Kings is a better option that is not a good sign.

The O.C. (FOX): Ryan tries to decide if he is going to invite Marissa to his birthday party and Sandy tries to help out Ryan’s mom.

Primetime (ABC): ABC investigative reports.

Other Options

American Inventor (ABC): It looks a lot like American Idol for people with product inventions instead of singing voices. You get to see lame inventions try to be sold to the panel instead of bad singers. Brought to you by Simon Cowell and some of the producers behind American Idol. Runs two hours.

No third hour other option tonight.

Cable Choices

Chefography (Food Network): Ina Garten is profiled tonight.

Monk (USA): Repeat where Monk gets hit up on the head and gets amnesia.

Monk (USA): Repeat where Monk ends up solving a murder at a fashion show.

Sports Notes

CBS has first round games from the NCAA Basketball Tournament. ESPN has the Mexico versus United States World Baseball Classic game. ESPN2 has Pacific Life Open tennis coverage followed by a first round NIT NCAA basketball game. For some NBA action you will find TNT has the Boston Celtics at the Miami Heat followed by the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Golden State Warriors.

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