New TV Show DVD Sets: Commander In Chief, Monk, Roseanne & More

What new TV show DVD sets arrive in stores today? Well read on and find out. The first 10 episodes of Commander In Chief arrive so you can see how the show went downhill yourself in case you missed it. The Hemisphere Emergency Action Team also arrives for those who wished Baywatch had been an espionage spy thriller. Roseanne brings the blue-collar laughs, while Monk solves all the big cases including what this week’s Prime Pick will be.

Prime TV Show DVD Set Pick

Monk - Season FourMonk – Season Four
Monk is one of the best shows on TV right now and Season 5 starts on Friday, July 7th on USA. Why is it one of the best? Well because of Tony Shaloub and the great character he has created. Monk has just about every phobia you can think of but yet is still a brilliant detective solving cases that nobody else can. He puts things together that most miss. His interaction with his surroundings and others is something to watch. This season included some fine episodes like “Mr. Monk and the Other Detective” with guest star Jason Alexander, “Mr. Monk Goes Home Again” with guest star John Turturro and “Mr. Monk Goes to the Office.” The TV show DVD set includes all 16 season four episodes on four discs. Special features include a couple of featurettes about the writing process and being a writer for the series. Bring your own wipes if you must but get your hands on this funny TV show DVD set today.

Other TV Show DVD Options

Acapulco H.E.A.T. Season 1
Alice (Television Favorites Compilation)
The Best of Sid Caesar
Civilisation – The Complete Series
The Color Honeymooners – Collection 1
Columbo – The Complete Fifth Season
Commander In Chief – The Inaugural Edition, Part 1 (Episodes 1-10)
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman – The Movies (The Movie aka Revelations / The Heart Within)
Family Affair – Season 1
Fear Factor: The First Season
Galaxy High School, Vol. 1
Masters of Horror: John Landis – Deer Woman
Masters of Horror: Landis & McKeeMasters of Horror: Lucky McKee – Sick Girl
Project Runway – The Complete Second Season
Roseanne – The Complete Fourth Season
Slings & Arrows – Season 1
Step by Step (Television Favorites Compilation)
Strangers with Candy – The Complete Series
Tracey Takes On – The Complete Second Season

What new TV show DVD sets will you be adding to your DVD collection?

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