Did Delinda marry on Las Vegas season finale? and More of Your TV Questions Answered

Las Vegas: Season ThreeHere is another batch of questions that TV fans have been searching for in the past few days. Do you have a TV question? Well maybe the TVaholic can help. Check back here each week as we answer more of your TV show questions. This week we have questions about Las Vegas, CSI: Miami, Saved, Kyle XY, Veronica Mars, Superman and The WB.

Did Delinda marry on Las Vegas season finale?
No, that was one of the things they left hanging. If I remember correctly the show ended with a lot of doors opening. Delinda opens the door but we don’t see who is there. Ed opens the door and a gunshot rings out as the screen fades to black. The season three finale episode, “Father of the Bride,” airs again on Friday, Sept. 15th. The new season of Las Vegas begins on Friday, Oct 20th.

Will the season finale of CSI: Miami be replayed?
Yes, it will air next Monday, Sept. 11th and season five begins the week after on Sept. 18th.

When does Veronica Mars 2006 season start?
Season three of Veronica Mars begins on Tuesday, Oct. 3rd on The CW. This is the best show that not enough people have been watching. Hopefully this will change with The CW’s greater audience reach and a Gilmore Girls lead in. See for yourself, with season one and two on DVD. For more show start dates and any other 2006 season info check out the Ultimate Guide to the Fall 2006 TV Schedule. There you will find links to previews of new shows, video clips, and show start dates.

Has Kyle XY been picked up for another run at ABC Family?
Yes, it has been picked up for a second season. Look for it sometime in 2007, most likely again next summer.

What happened on Saved on TNT finale?
Well let’s see. Wyatt is preparing to head off with Karen for some fun in the sun. Sack thinks there may be something between him and his ex. Sack finds out he is wrong as his ex tells him that she and her husband are trying to work things out and he wants to officially adopt his son. LifeShield is in the process of being sold to the hated corporate rival. When the owner finds out that Kroll had been doctoring the run reports and other stuff he fires him and cancels the sale. In a twist at the end Wyatt’s father walks in as the new investor in LifeShield. While talking to his father Wyatt learns that Alice is leaving for a new job in Boston. He finally realizes what he wants and calls things off with Karen and heads off to try and get to Alice before she leaves. His car won’t start so he hops in an ambulance and rushes off. He pops on the sirens to get moving through traffic but with no co-pilot to help watch upcoming traffic and intersections and distracted by Sack waking up in the back of the ambulance they are hit by a big truck at an intersection. Wyatt manages to crawl out of the cab and open up the back and a limp Sack falls out into Wyatt’s arms and the show ends with Wyatt calling for someone to call 9-1-1.

Who played the original Superman on television?
George Reeves played the “Man of Steel” in the Adventures of Superman. He committed suicide June 6th, 1959. Ben Affleck plays him in the upcoming movie Hollywoodland, which is a fictionalized retelling of the events surrounding his death.

Why is The WB now The CW?
Well actually The CW is the combining of both UPN and The WB. Both networks were losing money and they decided to combine forces to create one network owned 50/50 by CBS Corporation, the parent company of UPN and Warner Bros. Entertainment. The CW debuts Monday, Sept. 18th with a 7th Heaven season 10 finale repeat followed by a highlight show of the networks launch party. Tuesday, Sept. 19th is similar with the re-airing of the Gilmore Girls season finale from last season followed by more launch party happenings. The network officially starts on Wednesday, Sept. 20 with the new season of America’s Next Top Model. Also look for a five-hour block of first episodes from some of The WB’s hit shows on Sunday, Sept. 17th, as this will be the official last day of operation for The WB.

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