Tonight on the Tube: House, The Unit, Smith and Eureka

The Unit - The Complete First SeasonThe show I am most looking forward to tonight is Smith. I want it to be good and to stick around. Recent history with shows like Heist last season suggest that I should not get my hopes up to high. For a look at these shows and more check out the Ultimate Guide to the 2006 Fall TV Schedule and find links to show clips, primetime grids and previews and reviews.

Prime Picks

House (FOX): New. A man wants to die if the team can’t figure out what is wrong with him. House sees shades of himself when a brilliant scientist is brought into the hospital that wants to end his suffering.

The Unit (CBS): Season Premiere. A package to be intercepted in Pakistan is sought by the team while back home Mack and Tiffy may leave Fort Griffith forever.

Smith (CBS): Series Premiere. Family man Bobby is actually a high-end thief and the leader of a crew who has to break into a Chicago art museum as his wife becomes more and more suspicious about what his salesman career.

Solid Selections

NCIS (CBS): Season Premiere. The team must learn how to operate without Gibbs after his retirement and Ziva witnesses an assassination. Is Gibbs really gone for good or did he just need a little time. Tune in a find out.

Standoff (FOX): New. An Asian crime lord’s daughter is kidnapped and the FBI negotiators try to help get her back even thought the man is presently under FBI investigation.

Boston Legal (ABC): Season Premiere. Denise and Shirley defend guest star Michael J. Fox. Alan defends a friend who was caught driving in the carpool lane with a blow up doll.

Cable Choices

Dead Like Me (Sci Fi): Repeat. The reapers are sent to gather souls of the hurried.

Eureka (Sci Fi): New. Stark is trying to speed up his work on the artifact in Section 5 while Carter is trying to figure out what is making everybody in town act crazy.

Nip/Tuck (FX): New. Sean searches for a nanny and Liz sees something that will change the way she relates to Michelle. Runs 65 minutes and plays twice.

Other Options

  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC): Season Premiere. Goren’s mentor comes back with a warning while they investigate the death of an ambassador’s daughter. Someone from Major Case goes missing.
  • Overhaulin’ (TLC): New. A Corvette is redone.
  • Road Tasted (Food Network): New. What the heck are whoopie pies? Find out when the Deen boys head up to Maine.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN2 has the Minor League Baseball AAA Championship.

What shows will you be watching tonight on TV?

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