Tonight on the Tube: The Simpsons, Desperate Housewives, Without a Trace and Sunday Night Football

Desperate Housewives - The Complete Second SeasonTonight marks the third season of Desperate Housewives, a new time for Cold Case, a new night for Without a Trace, the debut of Brothers & Sisters and the season finale of Three Moons Over Milford. What will you be watching? What looks good to you? Do you think Desperate Housewives will return to its first season form? Will Cold Case struggle in its new timeslot? What will win the final primetime hour of the night for scripted programming, Brother & Sisters or Without a Trace? These questions and many more will be answered tonight on the tube. Check out the Ultimate Guide to the Fall 2006 Schedule for a look at what else the fall season still has to offer.

Prime Pick

The Simpsons (FOX): New. Marge has gotten really good at carpentry and goes into business but she has to use Homer as the face of the operation.
American Dad (FOX): New. I don’t particularly care for this show but it is the best you can do tonight in the second half of the first hour of primetime.

Desperate Housewives (ABC): Season Premiere. The third season kicks off tonight with Lynette trying to deal with her new extended family while Gaby is having problems in her marriage with the baby still on the way. Runs 61 minutes.

Without a Trace (CBS): Season Premiere. Samantha has to get a young boy to give her information on his father who looks like he may have kidnapped another boy.

Solid Selections

The Amazing Race 10 (CBS): New. Teams are trying to build alliances as the pressure builds.

Cold Case (CBS): Season Premiere. Two kids in 1995 apparently killed each other after a killing spree at a mall. The case is reopened when new evidence that there may have been a third shooter comes in.

Brothers & Sisters (ABC): Series Premiere. Estranged daughter Kitty comes home after three years where the story of the Walker family begins being told on a weekly basis. Looks as if it may be good but has already endured casting changes and a change of show runners. Hopefully these changes have helped and not hurt as in the case of Commander In Chief last season.

Cable Choices

Three Moons Over Milford (ABC Family): Season Finale. Laura wants to get legally separated from Carl while Michelle Graybar tries a little online dating.

Iron Chef America (Food Network): Repeat. Iron Chef Cat Cora takes on two chefs in this battle.

Angela’s Eyes (Lifetime): New. One of Leo’s old friends is investigated while Angela deals with the dishonesty of her relationship with Dylan.

Other Options

  • Nip/Tuck (FX): Repeat. The “Monica Wilder” episode from last week replays.
  • The Wire (Showtime): New. Much upheaval is dealt with in this episode as change is all around.

Sports Notes

  • CBS has NFL Football with the big game of the day being the Cincinnati Bengals at the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • ESPN has Sunday Night Baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals at the Houston Astros.
  • FOX has NFL Football including the game I will be watching, the New York Giants at the Seattle Seahawks.
  • NBC has the final day of Ryder Cup golf action early and later has Sunday Night Football with the Denver Broncos at the New England Patriots.
  • TNT has NASCAR Racing with the Dover 400.

Late Night

  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (Bravo): Repeat. The “Pilot” episode replays tonight giving you another chance to get caught up before the next episode tomorrow night on NBC.

TV Show Marathons

Bravo has six episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent leading up to a replay of the Studio 60 series premiere.
Discovery Channel has 14 hours of MythBusters including the two-hour “Mega Movie Myths” episode twice.

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