When will ABC Family start showing Wildfire again? And More of Your TV Questions Answered

Wildfire - Season OneThis week we have one question sent in via email and six others that people have searched for. People had questions about American Eats on the History Channel, Close to Home on ABC, Criminal Minds on CBS, Crossing Jordan on NBC, Runaway on The CW and Wildfire on ABC Family.

Caroline asked: Has American Eats (on the History Channel) been cancelled?
It has not been cancelled; it looks like there were only 13 episodes. As of now, I have not read anything as to whether they will be producing anymore in this series or if that was it. Each of the episodes is available at the History Channel Store, although they are $24.95 an episode.

When is the Season Premiere of Crossing Jordan Season 6?
It was to be on Friday, Oct. 20th but NBC has decided to launch a new game show called 1 vs. 100 in that timeslot on Oct. 13th instead, which will be hosted by Bob Saget. A new premiere date for Crossing Jordan has not yet been released. It looks like it will now show up at midseason as it was originally going to before NBC jockeyed their lineup to give Studio 60 the Medium timeslot on Monday night. Las Vegas is still set for and Oct. 20th premiere between 1 vs. 100 and Law & Order.

What was the lawyer show on Friday night?
It was Close to Home. The show premiered last year on Tuesday night in the old Judging Amy timeslot and then switched places with Threshold a few episodes into the season. It did pretty well on Friday night but it must have not been well enough as they have almost completely redone the cast adding David James Elliott (JAG) and Jon Seda (Homicide: Life on the Streets) among others.

What city is CBS TV show Close to Home based in?
The stories in Close to Home take place in the city and suburbs of Indianapolis, Indiana where Annabeth is a Marion County prosecutor.

The CW show Runaway, is it filmed in Vancouver?
It is filmed in Canada but not in Vancouver. The CW show Runaway is filmed in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, which is about 25 miles from Toronto according to Mapquest.

When will ABC Family start showing Wildfire again?
Season three of the ABC Family show Wildfire will begin on Jan. 8th, 2007, which is a Monday.

Where is Criminal Minds filmed?
According to this list of shows filming in the Los Angeles area, Criminal Minds is one of them.

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