What shows from 2006 Fall TV have been cancelled? And More of Your Questions About TV

Get Heroes Episodes at iTunesOnce again the calendar has turned to Wednesday and we have more of your questions about TV to answer. These were searched for in the last week. We have TV fans wanting to know about a gap in the Sunday Night Football schedule, the NBC show Kidnapped, the age of Candace Bergen, if Eureka has been cancelled, the NBC show Heroes, Criminal Minds on iTunes and what 2006 Fall TV shows have been cancelled. If you want to know too then read on and enjoy!

Why is there not a football game on NBC October 22nd?
I am not sure exactly why but as Al Michaels said during this week’s telecast they have a “bye week” next week. If you haven’t been watching the new show Heroes, NBC will be playing the last three episodes that night in lieu of football. It was previously going to be Friday Night Lights but now it looks like Heroes will play.

What happened to Kidnapped on NBC?
It wasn’t getting the ratings NBC had hoped. It was one of the more expensive shows to make on TV this season given its stellar cast and filming on location in New York City. NBC wasn’t getting much bang for their buck so they decided to pull it. Yet they did at least decide to continue airing the initial order of 13 episodes. The producers of the show had a plan to give fans a conclusion to the kidnapping mystery in a shortened season had the ratings been poor. They were so now we will get what amounts to a 13 episode mini series with a conclusion. I say, good for NBC. Allowing the mystery to be wrapped up is a good thing for the networks to do. If this had been FOX it most likely would have been yanked and never seen again. The remaining Kidnapped episodes begin playing in the second hour of primetime this Saturday, October 21st. Medium will return to the NBC lineup November 15th to take over Kidnapped’s vacated timeslot.

How old is Candace Bergen?
According to her IMDB profile she is 60 years old. She was born May 9th, 1946 in Beverly Hills, CA.

Has Eureka Sci Fi show been cancelled?
Eureka was not cancelled. The first season is just done. It has, happily, been renewed for a second season of super smart and wacky small town hijinks. It will return with another 13 episodes in the Summer 2007.

When will they replay the Heroes pilot?
It has replayed a few times already but you may not see it rebroadcast anytime soon. You can however catch the next three episodes of the series on Sunday, October 22nd since NBC will not have a Sunday Night Football game that night. The first episode, “Genesis,” is available for download at iTunes. You can watch it on your computer or iPod.

Is Criminal Minds on iTunes?
At this time Criminal Minds is not available for download at iTunes. The CBS offerings at iTunes are CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Jericho, Survivor, NCIS, Numb3rs and Big Brother.

What shows from 2006 Fall TV have been cancelled?
So far only Kidnapped has been officially cancelled. Yet it will finish its run on Saturday nights starting October 21st. This will give fans of the show a chance to continue watching a really good show and will give them an ending that wraps things up. Smith on CBS has been pulled from the lineup but I haven’t heard any official word of cancellation but it will most likely never return as the new show 3 Lbs. is set to debut in its timeslot starting November 14th.

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