What Happened to Kidnapped on NBC? And More of Your TV Show Questions Answered

Get the Latest Lost Episodes at iTunesThere sure are a lot of people searching for “What happened to Kidnapped on NBC?” Well there is some new news about what NBC has done with it. TV fans were also looking for the answers to how many Lost episodes there will be this fall, where Heroes repeats, what “Unsub” means, what kind of company Dunder-Mifflin is, how old Bob Saget is and where the new show Monarch Cove is filmed.

How many Lost episodes will be in the Fall 2006 season?
Lost will play six episodes in the fall of 2006. The sixth episode plays tonight as what ABC is terming the Fall Finale. The show will return with the 18 remaining episodes of the season on February 7th, 2007. These episodes are then supposed to air straight through with no breaks. The new show Daybreak starring Taye Diggs will take over the Lost timeslot starting next week on November 15th with a two hour premiere.

Heroes repeats on what other network?
Heroes repeats on the Sci Fi Channel. Heroes plays in the second hour of primetime on NBC Mondays. On Friday you will find the episode replayed right before new episodes of Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica on Sci Fi. It then plays again on Monday. That gives you two opportunities to watch or TiVo it if you miss the Monday NBC showing. Alternate ways to catch an episode of Heroes you have missed would be online at the NBC Heroes website or download at iTunes.

What does the term Unsub mean on the show Criminal Minds?
On Criminal Minds they do use the term Unsub a lot. It is a slang term used by law enforcement for the “Unknown Subject” of an investigation.

On The Office, what is Dunder-Mifflin?
Dunder-Mifflin on The Office “is a mid-cap regional paper- and office-supply distributor with an emphasis on servicing small-business clients. With a corporate office in New York City, Dunder-Mifflin has branches in Buffalo, Stamford, Albany, Utica, Scranton, Akron, Camden, Nashua and Yonkers.” You can get Official Dunder-Mifflin Gear at the NBC Universal Store.

How old is Bob Saget?
Bob Saget the former star of Full House and presently the host of 1 vs. 100 and the voice of Future Ted on How I Met Your Mother was born on May 17, 1956 according to his IMDb profile. That would make him 50.

Where is Monarch Cove filmed?
The Lifetime show Monarch Cove is filmed on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

What happened to Kidnapped on NBC?
Kidnapped started out on NBC in the third hour of primetime on Wednesday nights. It was cancelled after three airings in that time period but NBC tried to throw fans of the show a bone. They said they would complete the shows initial 13-episode order and give fans of the show an ending to the kidnapping mystery. So they moved the show to the second hour of primetime on Saturday nights. After two weeks of weak ratings there and before the two-week sweeps period, ratings during sweeps are what networks use to set advertising rates, started in November they decided to pull it from the airwaves completely. They did however complete the 13 episodes and will put a new one out each Friday online at the NBC Kidnapped website. This will be your only chance to see what happened unless they decide to release it on DVD.

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