Tonight on the Tube: Bones, Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, Day Break and Medium

Medium - The Complete Second SeasonWell Lost is off the air until February 7th, 2007 so what are you going to watch tonight? Well you can catch Paget Brewster as the new profiler on Criminal Minds, Taye Diggs repeating his days on Day Break or Patricia Arquette dreaming about bad guys on Medium. That is a lot of new stuff on the tube tonight. In other TV news Jericho will be having their very own midseason cliffhanger at the end of this month and then not returning until February with more episodes. What do you think of the split season idea? What new stuff will you be watching tonight?

Prime Picks

Bones (FOX): New. A killer who demands ransoms for the safe return of the people he abducts buries two of the team members alive. When the money is not paid he lets them die. This time he has Brennan.

Criminal Minds (CBS): New. Paget Brewster (Huff) joins the cast as the daughter of a high profile diplomat and her assignment to the team is a surprise to Hotch and Gideon. She must work to prove herself to the rest of the team.

CSI: NY (CBS): New. A long list of suspects is gone through to find the killer of a woman who died in her hospital bed after being in a drunk driving accident.

Solid Selections

Jericho (CBS): New. The towns folk start to realize that they need a plan to keep out those who would do them harm. Emily ponders how her wedding would have been.

Day Break (ABC): Series Premiere. Taye Diggs (Kevin Hill) plays detective Hopper and he is having one really bad day. He gets accused of killing the ADA and then his girlfriend dies and then it all happens again and he doesn’t know why. They are promising that after 13 episodes you will know what the heck is going on. Might be nice considering the show it is replacing until February. Runs 118 minutes.

Cable Choices

Emeril’s Thanksgiving with Our Troops (Food Network): Repeat. Emeril cooks up a traditional Thanksgiving feast for the troops at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey.

Food Network Challenge (Food Network): New. What would you do if you only had five hours to make an entire Thanksgiving meal? Find out what these four chefs do in that time as they compete for prize money.

Romancing the Bird: A Good Eats Thanksgiving (Food Network): Repeat. If you have never brined your bird before you cook it then you should definitely watch this. I followed the instructions for the brine and had one of the moistest and best tasting turkeys I have ever eaten anywhere.

Other Options

  • Medium (NBC): Season Premiere. Thomas Jane (The Punisher) guest stars as Allison’s former lover who comes to visit her after his death and Allison also discovers that her daughter and her are starting to have similar dreams. Runs two hours.
  • Professional Poker Tour (Travel Channel): New. Watch first quarter action from the Mirage. Runs two hours.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has NIT college basketball action followed by NBA play with the Memphis Grizzlies trying to get a when on the road against the Sacramento Kings.
  • ESPN2 has college football with Miami of Ohio vs. Bowling Green and then more from the NIT.

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