Who plays Karen on The Office on NBC? And More TV Show Inquiries

Download The Office Episodes at iTunesWe got a couple of questions this week via email. The first wanting to know why Lola Glaudini left Criminal Minds and the second looking for the name of a restaurant from the show All in the Family. Other things TV fans were searching this week are who plays Karen on The Office, where they got the name 3 Lbs., what is the show Monarch Cove based on, who won the battle between De Laurentiis and Ray on Iron Chef America and when Medium and Reba begin again. See what answers we were able to find below.

Vivian asked: From the TV series All in the Family, what was the restaurant that they went to called?
The place that Archie hung out on All in the Family was called Kelcy’s Bar until he later purchased it and renamed it Archie Bunker’s Place, which the show later changed too as well. Archie expanded the bar and added a restaurant. I have a vague remembrance from watching reruns of a fancy French or Italian restaurant that they went to on occasion. Is this the restaurant of which you were thinking? Let us know in the comments.

Where did they get the name for the new TV show 3 Lbs.?
The show is about brain surgeons. So they must have been looking for a show title that had something to do with the brain. What does 3 Lbs. have to do with brains? Well, three pounds is the average weight of an adult human brain. So that is where the title of the show comes from.

What book is the TV show Monarch Cove based on?
Actually Monarch Cove is not based on a book. It is based on a German telenovela called Bianca: Path to Happiness. Bianca was the first telenovela to be German produced.

On Iron Chef America, who won the battle between Giada De Laurentiis and Rachael Ray?
It was Battle Cranberry and Rachael Raywas teamed with Iron Chef Mario Batali and Giada De Laurentiis was teamed with Iron Chef Bobby Flay. Each team had to make at least one team dish where they worked together to complete it and then the rest of them could be done however they wanted. In the end Batali and Ray beat Flay and De Laurentiis. If I remember correctly they outscored them on taste and one of the other categories as well.

When does the 2006 season of the TV series Medium begin?
Medium begins tonight with a two-hour season premiere. It will then settle into the third hour of primetime slot replacing the banished to the web-only Kidnapped, which started the season in this time period.

When does Reba return this fall?
Reba returns to the TV schedule this Sunday, Nov. 19th with two episodes. You will find it on The CW after the Sunday replay of their Monday comedy block and before a new episode of 7th Heaven.

Who plays Karen on The Office on NBC?
Rashida Jones (Wanted, Boston Public) plays Karen on The Office. I really liked her character on the TNT show Wanted, which is about 180 degrees from her role as Karen on The Office. She is the daughter of musical mogul Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton.

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