Ranking the 10 Remaining Men on American Idol Season 6

How do you think they did? They were much better than last week, that’s for sure. The ladies get there shot tonight; to show they are as good as they looked last week.

The bottom two or three performances really stood out this week. They were Brandon Rogers, Jared Cotter and Sanjaya Malakar. Unfortunately, it looks like another of the three contestants from the Seattle area will be packing there bags like Amy Krebs last week. Even though Sanjaya was in the top four vote getters last week, he should definitely be one of the two leaving the show.

Sundance Head on the other hand really picked it up and showed why the judges picked him to be in this competition. It was about time, as he would not of lasted another week with a bad performance.

So, how did the 10 remaining guys performances rank this week? Well, let’s see.

American Idol Season 6 – Top 10 Men Performance Rankings:

  1. Blake Lewis – I really liked his performance this week. After last week’s without the beat boxing, he used it a bit tonight. Yet, he didn’t go over board with it and really sang great, as well. Randy liked it, Paula thought is was “smart” and “unique” for this competition while Simon thought much of it was “a copycat performance” and was “very disappointed.”
  2. Chris Sligh – He sang “Trouble” and dedicated it to his very beautiful wife, who was present in the audience. He should really put out his tips on attracting a mate, cause that feat was even more impressive than his singing tonight. Randy “liked” it and Paula thought it was “real awesome.” Simon thought he showed why they had picked him for this competition and is a “very good singer.”
  3. Chris Richardson – He sang Jason Mraz’s “Geek in the Pink” and wanted to make clear that the performance, not the song, was dedicated to his grandmother. He pulled out the most contemporary piece of the night, which was a good thing. Randy thought he was “in it to win it” while Simon thought it was the “best tonight by a mile.” Given that he sang in the 9th spot last night that is pretty high praise from Mr. Cowell.
  4. Sundance Head – Sundance gets himself back into the competition. He was my pick to leave last week and probably would have been gone this week had he not done well. Randy thought he was a “hot one,” Paula thought is was the “best vocal from you we’ve heard” and Simon thought it was “a lot better” but also thinks he “can do better.”
  5. Nick Pedro – Attempted to score points with his girlfriend, much as Chris did with his wife, by dedicating his song to her. He sang “You Give Me Fever” and did it quite well. Randy thought he finally had shown “the Nick we love” while Simon thought his performance could use “more charisma.”
  6. A.J. Tabaldo – Randy thought is was “kinda nice” and Paula said he has a “real, real, real, real good voice.” Simon thought is was “nearly very good.”
  7. Phil Stacey – He led the night off pretty well. He was just a bit worse than his performance last week. But, the competition really improved this week. Randy thought it “was hot” and Paula said she could “hear him right now on the radio.” Maybe that is why she seems off, she has a radio playing in her head that nobody else can hear. Simon thought is was “very, very good karaoke” and that he has an “unoriginal voice.”
  8. Brandon Rogers – Randy thought he “didn’t show” enough of what he has while Paula said she “felt your heart.” Simon would have none of this touchy-feely stuff and tried to remind everyone that it is a singing competition. He was just OK tonight.
  9. Jared Cotter – Had the lamest move of the night with that hand drag across the face. Simon’s characterization of his performances as something you would have seen on the “Love Boat” in the lounge was right on. Randy “kinda liked it.” Paula told him that he “didn’t have to push” so much when he sings. Marvin Gaye he was not. He sang to “Let’s Get It On” but I say it is time for him to get off, the show that is.
  10. Sanjaya Malakar – Randy thought it was a “bad high school talent show” and he was right on. Paula tried to be nice and told him he “stayed on pitch.” Simon pulled no punches, as usual, when he told him that it was “very weak” and “a little weird.” It was by far the worst performance of any of the guys so far.

I say Jared Cotter and Sanjaya Malakar will be the ones leaving, or at least the ones who should be leaving. Either Phil Stacey or Brandon Rogers could easily be on their way out as well. Who do you think had the best performance of the 10 remaining guys on American Idol Season 6? Who would you tell to pack their bags?

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