Tonight on the Tube: Friday Night Lights, Lost and American Idol Results

Tony Bennett - Duets: An American ClassicThe new show Notes from the Underbelly is going to premiere on Thursday, April 12th after Grey’s Anatomy with two half hour episodes back to back. Then starting the next week on Wednesday, April 18th, it will move to its new timeslot in the first hour of primetime following George Lopez. ABC just can’t seem to make up their mind what they want to do with their schedule.

Prime Picks

Friday Night Lights (NBC): New. Coach Taylor makes a decision that changes things for him in Dillon and upsets the ladies in his life.

Crossing Jordan (NBC): New. A school bus full of children is hijacked and Woody and Jordan are searching for it.

Lost (ABC): New. Kate ends up having to fend for herself and learns that she may have been betrayed by one of her own. Meanwhile Hurley tells Sawyer that he might want to make nice with the rest of the castaways before they banish him from the camp.

Solid Selections

Bones (FOX): Brennan’s father makes a surprise visit and helps her track down Booth when he gets taken while trying to smoke out a mob guy he suspects of murder.

American Idol (FOX): New. Who will go? Tony Bennett performs.
‘Til Death (FOX): New. Joy and Allison go to Florida for spring break and Eddie has a lot of fun in the house by himself.

Medium (NBC): New. Adam Goldberg guests as a disgruntled employee who works with Joe. After killing a co-worker he keeps Joe and the rest of the workers hostage.

Cable Choices

That’s Gotta Hurt (TLC): The episode is called “Impalements and Crashes.” Sounds like it would hurt to me.

World Poker Tour (Travel Channel): New. Watch the “Mirage Poker Showdown” from Las Vegas. Runs two hours.

Other Options

  • Good Eats (Food Network): New. Alton Espressos himself.
  • Jericho (CBS): New. Roger loses it when Gray decides to kick the refugees out of town.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has an NBA doubleheader with the Chicago Bulls at the Detroit Pistons followed by the Sacramento Kings at the Denver Nuggets.
  • ESPN2 has Wednesday Night Baseball with the New York Mets at the St. Louis Cardinals in MLB action.

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