Darkly Dreaming of a Second Season of Dexter on Showtime

Dexter - Season One on DVDLast season saw the creation of one of the most disturbing characters on TV, Dexter Morgan of Dexter on Showtime. A forensic blood specialist for the Miami Metro Police Department, who just happens to also be a serial killer. Yet, he is one with “standards” that leave him to perform his ritual on only those that have done something to deserve their fate. This guy puts both the “anti” and “hero” in “anti-hero.” The show is based on Jeff Lindsay’s novel, Darkly Dreaming Dexter.

Dexter’s opening title sequence is one of the creepiest things to grace the small screen in a long time and puts you in the right frame of mind to watch each episode. Michael C. Hall (Six Feet Under) gives one of the most unnerving performances as the title character. How he wasn’t even nominated for an Emmy this year is unbelievable. And, “unbelievable” is just what you’ll be thinking when you find you are actually kind of rooting for his character.

Season two premieres this Sunday, September 30th on Showtime. But, right now, you can watch the first episode via streaming video at Showtime’s website. Just click on the show you would like to watch, the first episode of the new season of Brotherhood is also available, and type in the password “Killer Shows”, sans quotes, to get started watching the video. It provides a nice little segment at the beginning to remind you what took place last season.

If you didn’t watch Dexter last season, but have thought of catching up before the new season starts, which is advisable, you can get season one on DVD. Or, you could rent it, like via Netflix. You could check the Showtime On Demand section of your cable system; like for me right now on Comcast, the whole first season is available. Also, episodes are available for download at iTunes and Amazon Unbox, which the latter has the entire 12-episode first season for under $20.

Enjoy the video and come back and let us know what you think of the Dexter season two premiere on Showtime.

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