Review: Dexter – “An Inconvenient Lie” Season Two

Download Episodes at Amazon UnboxShow: Dexter (Showtime)
Episode: “An Inconvenient Lie” (Season 2)
Air Date: Sunday, October 14th, 2007
Rating: 4 out of 4 stars

Quick Synopsis: “Dark Passenger” gets a new ride.

Long Synopsis: Dexter has let Rita believe that he has a drug addiction, but this is causing problems for him. She wants him to attend NA meetings and breaks things off unless he decides to go. So, he decides to attend and finds out that it is helpful in more ways than one. Meanwhile, he is also trying to stay off of the task force’s radar and is glad when he isn’t chosen to be part of it. Yet, Debra is assigned to it. Dexter is also hoping that gathering info on his next potential victim will be enough, while he lays low.

Review: “An Inconvenient Lie” really gets into the main storyline of the second season, the hunt for the “Bay Harbor Butcher,” or as we know him to be, Dexter. Watching him try and stay one step ahead should be unbelievably compelling.

This episode has some really great scenes. The interaction with another NA attendee at the coffee shop is just outstanding. Dexter finally opening up at a meeting is amazing to watch. Rita’s reaction when she sees his new sponsor. These and so many more are just great television. What is your favorite scene?

Some interesting dynamics have been setup, like Dexter’s sister Debra being on the task force that is hunting him or him pretending to have a drug addiction, when his real addiction is really a lot more sinister.

Michael C. Hall continues to impress. His portrayal of Dexter is just amazing to watch. Everyone on the show is really good, but he is what makes the show go. Can you even imagine anyone else playing inhabiting this role?

As for Lt. Laguerta angling for the squad leader position, which I mentioned in the previous episode’s review, maybe she really does have a heart, at least for another woman holding her former position. Her demotion from last season seems to have changed her a bit. What do you think?

Episode three of season two is another excellent hour of TV. Once again, you want to watch the next episode right away, but will have to wait another week.

What did you think of the “An Inconvenient Lie” episode of Dexter?

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