5 Bubble Shows That Should Get a Second Shot – 2008

Download The Unit Episodes at Amazon UnboxThis week the rest of the networks, NBC already announced theirs, will be giving their upfront presentations to advertisers and announcing their Fall TV Schedules. So, this is the week where we will find out what shows will live on for at least another season, which ones won’t and what new offerings will be added.

First, above any other show on the list below, the TVaholic would like to see How I Met You Mother return for a fourth season. But, since I can’t fathom that this show is actually on the bubble, it didn’t make the list below. This is the best comedy CBS has right now. It might not be the most watched, but it is definitely the best on CBS.

Second, The New Adventures of Old Christine should be brought back by CBS as well. The reason it isn’t on the list below is because, if for some reason CBS should pass, it is highly likely it will join the NBC departing Scrubs over at ABC.

So, let’s get to the list already.

5 Bubble Shows That Should Be Picked Up for Another Season

  1. Eli Stone – This show started out a bit weak, but really found its way a few episodes in and became a favorite by the end of its 13 episode first season. It is Boston Legal meets Wonderfalls with a little Broadway musical thrown in. Not to mention the cast is quite good.
  2. The Unit – An action adventure series and a family drama all in one, but the mixing of the two allows the show to come off feeling much more realistic than your average TV actioner. And, the cast is stellar.
  3. Moonlight – This started out pretty bad, but they finally seemed to decide what they wanted it to be about halfway into the season, that being, a campy, vampy, romantic drama.
  4. Women’s Murder Club – This is a very good cop procedural with an interesting twist, that being, the relationship of the four female leads.
  5. Shark – It is just fun to watch James Woods get wound up and let loose. But, beneath the procedural lawyer show elements lies the story of a man trying to change and do right by his daughter, while also trying to atone for his past mistakes.

Other Shows That Have Had Their Bubble Burst, But Shouldn’t Have

  • Aliens in America – Not sure why more people didn’t watch this one, it was a very sweet and funny family comedy. Would have thought that paired with Everybody Hates Chris that it would have made for a great return to the old ABC TGiF days of family friendly Friday night comedy now that The CW has done away with WWE Friday Night Smackdown! Also, The WB used to do all right with comedies on Friday night.
  • Back to You – Your standard sitcom, but always good for a few laughs. Not sure why they recast the daughter when it returned after the strike. That was just weird. But, with the announced cancellation at FOX, can’t believe they kept ‘Til Death, it is being looked at over at CBS for a possible pickup, as CBS is thinking about launching a new night of comedy.
  • Men in Trees – ABC really screwed this show over, over its two years. It played in like six different timeslots on three or four different nights and had two long intervals where it disappeared from the schedule over its run. Even big fans of the show couldn’t keep up with when or where it was playing, or if it was playing at all. Read more about the cancellation.
  • New Amsterdam – Actually would have liked to see this one get a chance to grow, even more so than Moonlight, but it has already been announced that FOX has cancelled it. Really liked how they showed him using his long past in the present as a detective.

On the Good News Front

  • Friday Night Lights – Will have to wait until 2009 to watch the new season on NBC, unless you are a Direct TV subscriber, then you’ll be able to watch this fall.
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – FOX announced this one would be back a while back. Look for the first season to replay near the end of the summer.

What shows are you hoping will be back this fall? Let us know in the comments.

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  • kay May 14, 2008, 9:05 am

    I cannot believe they are cancelling Moonlight. That was one of the freshest shows on tv. The cast was great. Who wants to watch sitcoms all evening. Some of us like drama, not sitcoms.

  • Jason the TVaholic May 14, 2008, 7:05 pm

    Kay, I was surprised that Moonlight got cancelled as well. Although, I actually like sitcoms and a night of good ones is even better. Some of us like both. Unfortunately, it looks like Moonlight‘s replacement is the dumb sounding The Ex List.

  • scriptyhall Aug 5, 2008, 10:45 am

    Here, here!

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