Fall TV 2008: Saturday – What Will You Be Watching?

Well, maybe a college football on Saturday night, but that is about it for primetime. Depending on hosts and guests, I may be checking out MADtv, Saturday Night Live and Talkshow With Spike Feresten in late night. But, Saturdays will mainly be for catching up on stuff.

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I added it up and right now, with watching a couple hours each day live and the rest on the old DVR or on demand, there are 38 hours of shows I am interested in watching and will be trying to catch each week. It could be as much as 45, if some of the To Be Determined shows turn out to be good. But, I’ve already jettisoned one show and another, True Blood, is likely to drop out of contention as well. It will probably end up being around 40.

How is that possible? How can you watch that much TV? Well, everything doesn’t end up playing every week. With baseball playoffs, awards shows, specials, weeks with repeats, saving things up on the DVR for later marathon style viewing and things like that, it can be done. The problem comes in finding time to write or talk about all these shows, what with needing to eat, sleep and work, on top of all that TV. But hey, maybe someday this will turn into my career and the night job and I can go our separate ways.

Fall TV 2008: Saturday – What I’ll Be Watching

Network First Hour Second Hour Third Hour
ABC Saturday Night College Football – Starts at 5:30 p.m. here on the West Coast, but depends on the teams.
CBS Crimetime Saturday Reruns Crimetime Saturday Reruns 48 Hours Mystery
The CW  
FOX Cops Cops (Rerun) America’s Most Wanted  
NBC Dateline NBC Knight Rider (Encore) Law & Order: SVU (Encore)
Key: Watch Live DVR DVR2 On Demand DVR Replay TBD

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What will you be watching on Saturdays?

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