Tonight on the Tube: The Simpsons, Desperate Housewives, Dexter, Brothers & Sisters, Entourage & Mad Men

News & Notes

Download Mad Men Episodes at Amazon UnboxTonight, ABC has the two-hour sixth season premiere of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the fifth season premiere of Desperate Housewives and the third season premiere of Brothers & Sisters, CBS has the 41st season premiere of 60 Minutes, the 13th season premiere of The Amazing Race, the sixth season premiere of Cold Case and the fourth season premiere of The Unit, and FOX has the 20th season premiere of The Simpsons, the 13th season premiere of King of the Hill, the seventh season premiere of Family Guy and the fourth season premiere of American Dad.

Over on cable, E! has the second season finale of Sunset Tan, HBO has the series premiere of Little Britain USA, Showtime has the third season premiere of Dexter and the second season premiere of Californication, and VH1 has a one-hour Behing the Music: New Kids on the Block special followed by a New Kids on the Block Live From Boston special.

Leading up to primetime, The CW is replaying last week’s episodes of Smallville, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill.

In late night, HBO has the series premiere of The Life & Times of Tim.

Prime Pick

The Simpsons (FOX): Season Premiere. Homer goes to jail after getting in a fight at a parade and Marge starts a job at a specialty bakery.
King of the Hill (FOX): Season Premiere. Bill doesn’t want to give up eating his favorite sugary snacks, even though he has been diagnosed with diabetes.

Desperate Housewives (ABC): Season Premiere. It’s five years in the future and Bree is about to get a cookbook published and Katherine is becoming jealous of that fact. Susan is trying to keep a new relationship a secret. Gaby doubts her ability to be a good mother. Not sure what to make of the giant leap forward in time, but I bet we are going to get a lot of flashbacks in the coming season.

Brothers & Sisters (ABC): Season Premiere. Justin and Rebecca are having trouble hiding their feelings for each other. The family decides that they are going to try and find the brother they didn’t know about, but without their mother finding out. Kitty and Robert are thinking about adopting.

Solid Selections

Privileged (The CW): Repeat. Last Tuesday’s episode, “All About What You Really, Really Want,” replays, where Rose might get held back a year, but Megan thinks she can work something out.

Cold Case (CBS): Season Premiere. The case of a football player that was killed in 1973 is reopened when new direction is found on the case. Read my review.

The Unit (CBS): Season Premiere. Jonas and the team are called in to find the president elect after his procession of cars is attacked. The women are being relocated for safety reasons. Read my review.

Cable Choices

Food Network Challenge (Food Network): Repeat. It’s the “Beef Cook Off” battle, where amateur chefs compete for the grand prize. Plays again later.

Dexter (Showtime): Season Premiere. Dexter has picked his next victim, but everything doesn’t go as planned. Plays again later. Read my review. This is the best overall bet of the night.

Mad Men (AMC): New. Freddy’s pitch is disappointing. Pete finds away to exploit and opportunity. Betty finds a good distraction. Plays twice and again later.

Other Options

  • Californication (Showtime): Season Premiere. Hank and Karen are now back together, but they are planning on moving back to New York. Plays twice. Read my review.
  • Entourage (HBO): New. Ari starts to show some interest in the independent script Eric found. Drama is trying to get ready for an appearance on a talk show. Runs 30 minutes.
  • Feasting on Waves (Food Network): Miniseries Finale. Tonight is the end of Alton’s journey around the islands. Plays again later.
  • Little Britain USA (HBO): Series Premiere. The British sketch comedy show comes across the pond. Runs 30 minutes.
  • Skins (BBC America): New. After a night of partying, Tony’s little sister is nowhere to be found. Last week’s episode, “Michelle,” replays right before. Both play again later.

Sports Notes

  • ABC has NASCAR racing with the Sprint Cup: Kansas 400.
  • CBS has NFL action.
  • ESPN2 has doubleheader WNBA playoff action.
  • FOX has NFL action.
  • NBC has the final round of The Tour Championship golf tournament and later Sunday Night Football with the Philadelphia Eagles at the Chicago Bears.
  • TBS has MLB action with the Florida Marlins at the New York Mets.

Late Night

  • Breaking Bad (AMC): Repeat. Episode three, “…and the Bags in the River,” replays.
  • The Cleaner (A&E): Repeat. Last Tuesday’s episode, “Rebecca,” replays.
  • The Shield (FX): Repeat. Last Tuesday’s episode, “Genocide,” replays.
  • Sons of Anarchy (FX): Repeat. Last Wednesday’s episode, “Patch Over,” replays.

TV Marathons

A&E has six episodes of CSI: Miami tonight.
CMT has 10 episodes of Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy.
Discovery Channel has nine episodes of MythBusters.
MTV has 11 hours of So You Think You Can Dance episodes.
Spike has seven episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation that play twice.
TLC has six episodes of Dateline: Real Life Mysteries.
Travel Channel has 11 episodes of The Amazing Race 12.
truTV has five episodes of Most Daring.
USA has five episodes of House tonight.
VH1 has five-part 100 Greatest Teen Stars.

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