February 2006

New TV shows on DVD are released every Tuesday. So what came out today? Well take a look at the list below and see. Are there any TV shows here that you find of interest? What will you be adding to your TV on DVD collection? Check out this week’s Prime Pick for your viewing [...]

I am glad to see Scrubs back on NBC. It seemed like the Winter Olympics were never going to end. A few repeat shows around tonight as compared to last night. The ninth version of The Amazing Race begins tonight on ABC. I have never gotten into that racing around the world stuff at all. [...]

How great is it to look at the primetime schedule and not see any repeats or Winter Olympics on the schedule? Great indeed even though not everything on is great. The Apprentice starts another run at finding the top candidate in its new timeslot in the second hour of primetime and Deal or No Deal [...]

Watch Cold Case in the first hour of primetime. In the second hour flip back and forth between Dancing With the Stars and the Winter Games or watch chefs battle it out in Kitchen Stadium. In the third hour of primetime flip back over to Grey’s Anatomy. Then if you must you can still watch [...]

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