Who Plays Kandi on Two and a Half Men and Other TV Character Questions Answered

JAG (Judge Advocate General) - The Complete First SeasonPeople often see someone on a show and go, where have I seen them before? Well here are just a few that have been searched for recently, which lead them to arrive here at TVaholic looking for the answer. Do you have a TV related question? Ask away.

Your TV Show and Character Questions Answered

Who plays Kandi on Two and a Half Men?
April Bowlby plays the beautiful and ditzi Kandi on Two and a Half Men. This is by far the question that pops up the most in my search logs. So hopefully now they will find this page and their question will be answered. You may have also seen her in episodes of CSI, CSI: NY and Stacked.

Who played Mary the Paralegal on How I Met Your Mother?
Erinn Bartlett was the Mary the Paralegal. That was one funny episode of How I Met Your Mother. Ah, the comedic power of the misunderstanding. You may have seen her previously in episodes of CSI, CSI: Miami or Out of Practice among others.

Who narrates How I Met Your Mother?
Bob Saget (Full House, America’s Funniest Videos) narrates How I Met Your Mother. He is future Ted telling his kids about the good old days that lead up to meeting their mother. Remember this is a long story. As I really enjoy this show I hope it does indeed take a long time to tell it.

Who plays Adrian on Falcon Beach?
Canadian actor Peter Mooney plays Adrian Keeper on the ABC Family series Falcon Beach.

The first woman in Psych USA Series, what happened to her cop?
The character you are referring to is Lucinda, played by Anne Dudek, the detective that was sleeping with her partner Det. Lassiter. It seems that her character didn’t test well during screenings of the pilot episode and so she was replaced. In the storyline she had been transferred and Det. Lassiter was given a new partner in Det. Juliet O’Hara who is played by Maggie Lawson who you may remember from last season’s short-lived Crumbs on ABC.

What teacher did Matthew Perry play on TV August 13, 2006?
He played Ron Clark in The Ron Clark Story. The movie tells the true story of the energetic, inventive and optimistic teacher when he left his small North Carolina hometown and went to teach in the New York City public school system. He uses a set of special rules in his classroom, some very novel teaching methods and devoted himself entirely to his students. Clark was able to make an extraordinary difference for his students and their situation in life. He has written a couple of books regarding his teaching methods and how to get the most out of each child. Both made excellent gifts for my mother who is a teacher. They are:

What is the episode title of Catherine Bell’s cameo on JAG?
The title of the episode is “Skeleton Crew.” It is part of the first season of the show. The episode had Catherine Bell in a cameo as and old girlfriend of Harm’s. The show was cancelled by NBC and picked up by CBS. Some episodes had already been filmed but had not aired. They showed those episodes except for “Skeleton Crew” because Bell had been cast as the new female lead and CBS decided it might be confusing. However, it has been included on the JAG first season DVD set.

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