Where is Men in Trees filmed? And More of Your TV Questions Answered

Jeff Dunham - Arguing With MyselfToday we have another seven of your TV questions answered. One was sent to Ask the TVaholic and the six others were searched for on one of the search engines and the person clicked here trying to find the answer. So without further ado here are this week’s TV show questions answered:

Darren asked: Will the season premiere of CSI: Miami be replayed?
Well Darren, the season six premiere of CSI: Miami, “Rio,” played on Monday, Sept. 18th and from what I can tell it doesn’t look like it will be rebroadcast anytime soon. Yet you have a couple of options if you want to see what happened. You can download it at iTunes for $1.99 or you can watch it for free, with some commercials of course, via streaming video at CBS’ innertube site. There you can watch full episodes of CBS shows after they have played on TV.

Where is Men in Trees filmed?
Men in Trees is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Update 3-7-2007: Find out more about the setting for Men in Trees in the March 7th Ask the TVaholic column.

What are the names of Jeff Dunham’s Dummies?
Peanut is the purple alien looking puppet. Walter is the old curmudgeon. Jose Jalepeno… on a Steek! is well the one on a stick. Sweet Daddy Dee and Bubba J are two of his latest editions. His most recent stand up act, Jeff Dunham – Arguing With Myself, is on DVD. You may have seen some of it on Comedy Central. You can also catch him tomorrow on Sept. 21st, 2006 on the Late Show with David Letterman.

When is the season opener of Criminal Minds?
Criminal Minds picks back up after last season’s cliffhanger tonight in the second hour of primetime on CBS.

What new DVDs came out today?
Well this question was searched for yesterday, which was a Tuesday. Tuesday is the day that new DVDs get released for sale each week. This is a TV site so check out yesterday’s TV on DVD releases. Come back each week and see what new TV shows on DVD are New On Tuesday.

How did Flay vs. Dechellis turn out?
Iron Chef Bobby Flay won the battle with Chef Dechellis with the secret ingredient, the chicken egg.

Is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on DVD?
As of yet it is not on DVD. Both seasons however are available for download at iTunes and Amazon’s Unbox Video service. Episodes are a $1.99 each at both or you can buy an entire season at a discount to purchasing each episode individually. Right now Amazon is offering your first episode free or $1.99 off your first purchase.

Come back next Wednesday for more TV questions answered. Have you got a question? Ask the TVaholic or leave it in the comments.

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