How Did the Remaining Eight Women Do on American Idol Season 6?

The Answer: A whole lot better than the guys did. The girls stepped up once again and thoroughly stomped on the boys. The best performance last night from the guys might have garnered 5th place on the gals’ side of things.

American Idol Season 6 – Top 8 Women Performance Rankings:

  1. Melinda Doolittle – She had the performance of the night. It was very reminiscent of LaKisa Jones’ performance in the Top 12 girls show a couple of weeks ago. Melinda came out and took control of the stage and put everybody on notice that she has what it takes. Randy thought she is “ready to go in the studio and make a record” while Paula thought she was “brilliant” and “fantastic.” Simon thought it was “a million percent we’ll see you next week.” Thought we would want to know that she has to keep things even, like if she touches something cold with one hand she needs to touch something cold with the other one. Sounds like she would get along well with Monk.
  2. LaKisha Jones – She and Melinda have the two best voices in the competition to this point. Randy thought it was “another great performance by the great LaKisha.” Simon liked her “passion” and thought she “looked beautiful” tonight as opposed to last week’s orange outfit he didn’t like. Thought we would want to know that she is scared of pretty much any kind of animal.
  3. Gina Glocksen – Randy said that finally “the real Gina comes out.” I thought so too. She came out to rock the house. Paula gave her some advice to not “over sing,” but thought that this is “the style that suits you best.” Simon told her that it was the “first time you looked comfortable,” but she needed to watch the screaming instead of singing with a performance like that. Thought we would want to know that she carries a lucky troll on a string wherever she goes.
  4. Stephanie Edwards – Randy gave her an “A for a valiant effort,” but thought it was “pitchy” in places. Paula thought she was “darn near flawless” and Simon thought she had “100% done enough to sing yourself into next week.” Thought we would want to know that she was very, very shy as a child.
  5. Sabrina Sloan – Randy thought she had “another good performance” while Paula thought she “can sing, sing, sing.” Simon thought she is a “great singer,” but that she is “lacking emotion.” Thought we would want to know that she wanted to be the next Katie Couric when she was in High School.
  6. Jordin Sparks – Opened up the show well with some energy. Randy didn’t think it was her “best” while Simon thought is was a “bit manic” and “shrieky,” but that she had “done well” and it was “100%” she would “be here next week.” Thought we would want to know that she really loves football.
  7. Haley Scarnato – Randy didn’t think the performance had any “pizzazz.” Paula thought she sang “well” and Simon “thought it was horrible.” Simon doesn’t think she has “made an impression.” Other than being pretty, I don’t think she has, as well. She reminds me a bit of Katharine McPhee, but without as good a voice. Thought we would want to know that she was a gymnast when she was younger.
  8. Antonella Barba – When she said that she thought she deserved to be in the Top 12 because she was different than the rest of the performers, I both agreed and disagreed. I disagreed that she should make the Top 12 and agreed that she is different than the rest. They are good and she isn’t. Randy thought she had a “nice ending” to her song and Paula thought she “picked the right song.” Simon told her she has “gone as far as you can go,” but that it “wasn’t your worst.” Thought we would want to know that she can play the violin.

Based on last nights performances Haley Scarnato and Antonella Barba should be the ones packing their bags and heading home. Based on the three weeks as a whole, it would still be Haley and Antonella saying goodbye.

In the following order, my Top 6 Women to go to the Top 12 would be:

  1. Malinda Doolittle
  2. LaKisha Jones
  3. Gina Glocksen
  4. Sabrina Sloan
  5. Stephanie Edwards
  6. Jordin Sparks

I have a bad feeling that one of the deserving women listed above is going to end up out and Antonella is still going to be in. Who do you think should make the Top 12 on American Idol Season 6 from the women’s side of things?

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