Tonight on the Tube: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Brothers & Sisters, Comanche Moon & the Golden Globes Announcement

News & Notes

Comanche Moon - A Novel by Larry McMurtryTonight, CBS has part one of the three part Comanche Moon miniseries, FOX has the series premiere of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and NBC has The 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards Announcement.

Over on cable, VH1 has the season premiere of Rock of Love With Bret Michaels and Scott Baio is 46… and Pregnant.

Prime Picks

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX): Series Premiere. This looks really good. The story of John Connor, the future savior of the world, and his mother, Sarah, that will do anything to protect him. Another new episode airs tomorrow, in its regular timeslot, after Prison Break. There were nine episodes completed before the writers’ strike began.

One Tree Hill (The CW): Repeat. The second episode, or the second part of the two-hour premiere from last Tuesday night replays. The season premiere replays right before.

Brothers & Sisters (ABC): New. Tommy and Julia are trying to put their marriage back together. Nora goes on a date with Isaac, but it doesn’t go well. There are two more episodes left to air after tonight.

Solid Selections

One Tree Hill (The CW): Repeat. The season premiere, “4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days,” replays, with the characters being reintroduced, as the show has fast-forwarded from season four to five. This episode is available as a free download at both Amazon Unbox and iTunes. The second episode, “Racing Like a Pro,” follows.

Comanche Moon (CBS): Miniseries Premiere. The first two hours of the six-hour miniseries plays tonight, part two plays on Tuesday night and the conclusion on Wednesday night. It is based on the Larry McMurtry novel and is a prequel to Lonesome Dove. It stars Val Kilmer (Déjà vu, Spartan), Steve Zahn (Rescue Dawn, Sahara), Rachel Griffiths (Brothers & Sisters, Six Feet Under), Linda Cardellini (ER) and Elizabeth Banks (Scrubs).

Cable Choices

Challenge (Food Network): New. Amateurs compete in the annual “National Beef Cook-Off.” Plays again later.

The Wire (HBO): New. Marlo does some business with Barksdale. The mayor’s chief of staff is looking for good news. Plays again later.

Throwdown With Bobby Flay (Food Network): Repeats. Two episodes replay. In the first, a hot wings battle is waged. In the second, it is a hot browns battle. Both play again later.

Other Options

  • The 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards Announcement (NBC): New. Due to the Writers Guild of America strike and the support of the Screen Actors Guild there wasn’t going to be anybody showing up to accept any awards, so NBC has cancelled the normal three hour presentation and turned it into a one hour news show that will reveal the winners.
  • Iron Chef America (Food Network) Repeat. Iron Chef Bobby Flay vs. Chef Peter Kelly in a grilling battle. Plays again later.
  • Queen Sized (Lifetime): Released 2008. Nikki Blonsky (Hairspray) as a big girl who fights back against the popular kids when they pull one prank too many and she ends up becoming the homecoming queen. Runs two hours and plays again tomorrow night. Read our review.

Sports Notes

  • CBS has the AFC Divisional Playoff, which is the early game, with the San Diego Chargers at the Indianapolis Colts followed by college basketball action with Stanford at Oregon.
  • ESPN2 has early round coverage of the Australian Open tennis tournament.
  • FOX has the NFC Divisional Playoff, which is the late game, with the New York Giants at the Dallas Cowboys.
  • NBA TV has the Detroit Pistons at the New York Knicks.

TV Marathons

Cartoon Network has 12 episodes of Camp Lazlo.
MTV has 12 episodes of America’s Next Top Model.
The N has 26 episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation.
Nickelodeon has 16 episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air late.
Sci Fi has six disaster made-for-TV movies.
Spike TV has six episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation tonight.
TV One has 12 episodes of Good News.
USA has 16 hours of Monk episodes, which is preceded by a replay of the winter premiere episodes of Monk and Psych early.
WE has five episodes of Rich Bride, Poor Bride.

What looks good to you on TV tonight?

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