How Did the Top 12 Guys Do? – American Idol Season 7

Get American Idol Season 7 Perfomances at iTunesWell, not all that great really. While there were a few really good performances, there were no truly great performances. The “Wow!” was missing entirely from the guys. The TVaholic knows that saying this season is the most talented field yet, is mostly hyperbola, but it sounded more like wishful thinking after watching last night’s show. Maybe all the talent of which they speak is in the girls half of the top 24. Overall, there wasn’t a performance worthy of picking up at iTunes.

It was songs from the 60s night and it was interesting to see what they selected and how they decided to sing them. There were three performances that were just plain boring, four or five that stood out above the rest and the rest were just okay.

Here’s how the TVaholic would rank last night’s Top 12 Guys:

  1. Michael Johns – Randy said, “You were the bomb tonight.” Paula thought it was a “great, great ending” for the night. Simon said that he has been the “most consistent contestant” throughout the auditions and that he has “natural charisma.” His performance was the best of the night, but not by far.
  2. Jason Castro – Randy thought he was just “ah’ight.” Paula disagreed with Randy and told him that “you did blow me away” and that he is a very “joyful” person. Simon thought that he has one of the “Top 2 performances of the night,” which was saying something considering he was the 11th singer to take the stage. It was the best of the night up until that point.
  3. Robbie Carrico – Randy thought it was a “nice one.” Paula thought he “picked the perfect song.” He sang “One Is the Loneliest Number.” Simon thought he had a “current performance.” It was really good, although am a little suspicious of the “rocker” who once sang in a boy band and opened for Britney Spears and so is Simon.
  4. David Archuleta – Randy thought he was “really brilliant.” Paula thought his song selection was a “brave and bold choice.” He sang “Shop Around.” Simon thought it was the “best performance of the night so far” and so far was number six. It was really good.
  5. David Cook – He was the third to take the stage and sang rock version of “Happy Together.” Randy thought he “worked it out.” Paula thought it was “worthy of great praise.” Simon thought he “almost made it believable.” It was pretty good.
  6. Colton Berry – Randy said he did a “pretty good job.” Paula thought it was “nice.” Simon gave it just an “okay.” It was pretty good, but not there was a considerable gap between being number six and number five on this list.
  7. Chikezie – Paula thought he “is infectious.” Simon “hated the whole performance” and thought it was “old-fashioned.” He started off poorly and picked it up near the end, as it was mostly style over performance.
  8. Jason Yeager – Paula said, she “did her first ballet recital to that song.” This is what Paula does when a performance is really good, but she doesn’t want to say that. So, she rambles on about something else, like how they look or in this case ballet. Simon thought it was “very cruise ship” and a “middle of the road” performance. He sounded pretty good, but it was a very boring performance.
  9. David Hernandez – Had the misfortune of going first, because he didn’t set a very high bar for the rest of the singers to come. Randy thought it was a good “way to start it off.” Paula thought it was “lovely” and “really cool.” Simon said, it was “better than I thought is was gonna be.” He started out good, but faded as the song went on.
  10. Luke Menard – Randy thought he sounded “very pitchy” and “wasn’t great.” Paula said, it “wasn’t the best song choice for you.” Simon thought it was “forgettable.” It was very boring and totally forgettable.
  11. Danny Noriega – Randy thought it was “pretty good.” Paula liked his “performance side,” which means he didn’t sound very good. Simon thought it was “verging on grotesque.” When he first started, it sounded pretty good, but turned bad quite fast, as he butchered Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock.” This was performance over substance.
  12. Garrett Haley – Randy thought it was “kinda boring.” Paula told him, “Don’t be afraid to take a chance.” Simon thought his performance was “not relevant.” This was the third boring performance of the night.

So, the TVaholic would send Garrett Haley and Danny Noriega home after last night’s performances from the top 12 guys on Season 7 of American Idol. But, I doubt that Noriega will be going home, as it will be Haley and Menard or Yeager. They had the three boring performances of the night, which is no way to start off the competition.

How did you think the top 12 guys did last night? Who is your favorite? Who do you think will be going home? Leave your picks in the comments.

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