Saturday Interview Collection: Dave Annable, Bruce Campbell, Mary-Louise Parker & More

Download Burn Notice Episodes at Amazon UnboxIt has been a weird Saturday. Started working on this post last night and took a break to watch Jason Bateman and Masi Oka on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Fell asleep sometime after Oka was on and woke up at a little after 5:30 a.m. to realize that I hadn’t finished this post or started today’s Tonight on the Tube. I try to get everything posted by about 6:00 a.m., so that the system that sends the content to email subscribers will know about it in time to send it out that day. Tonight on the Tube was rather quickly put together and posted at 6:10 a.m. and went out a little later via email.

Started to work on this post again, but was falling asleep at my keyboard. So, I went to sleep, only to be woke up twice by the phone that I didn’t get to before they hung up. On the second one, I checked my email and saw that I had a Saturday delivery from TNT waiting to be picked up at my mailbox. But, they are only open until noon on Saturdays and it was just after 11:30 a.m. I got there with five minutes to spare. Will be part of a conference call interview with The Closer’s Kyra Sedgwick on Monday afternoon and thought it might be nice to watch the first episode, which is what was delivered.

Got back and started working again, but decided to go back to bed. I just don’t do well on a lack of sleep and sleep in blocks of about three hours each just doesn’t cut it. It is almost 5:30 p.m. as I ramble into my keyboard and I hope to have this Saturday’s list of interviews that I came across over the past week posted in about an hour. Let’s see how I do.

Interviews With Dave Annable, Bruce Campbell, Mary-Louise Parker & More

  • Dave Annable – The Brothers & Sisters star talked with Kristin over at E! Online about the upcoming season.
  • Bruce Campbell – The Burn Notice star sat down with some online media at a recent set visit and answered questions about the upcoming season. Find out what he likes about his character, thoughts on his wardrobe & more. Season two of Burn Notice premieres July 10 on USA.
  • Hell’s Kitchen Loser Jen – The latest evictee from Hell’s Kitchen talked with MSN about the show.
  • Matt Keesler – The star of The Middleman talked with a group and you can read the results of that conversation over at Ducky Does TV. Find out what his favorite part of the show is, what is in store for his character and more. The Middleman airs Monday nights on ABC Family.
  • Bernie Kopell – The former Love Boat star recently talked with TV Series Finale about the new Get Smart film. He was also in the original TV series. Read the story and watch the video. Get Smart hit theaters yesterday and you can read my review over at New Movie Friday.
  • Maggie Lawson & John Landis – Lawson the star of Psych and director John Landis recently talked with journalist about their upcoming episodes of Fear Itself and you can read the interview over at TV with MeeVee. Fear Itself airs Thursday nights on NBC and Psych returns for its third season on Friday, July 18th. I’ll be heading up to Vancouver, B.C., along with people from other TV websites, this Monday to visit the set of Psych and interview cast and crew members.
  • Jeff Lewis & Jenni Pulos – The stars of Flipping Out talked to Monsters and Critics about the new season, which premiere this past Tuesday on Bravo.
  • Brit Morgan – She is one of the stars of The Middleman and she recently talked with Amrie over at the TV addict. Find out how she got the role, why she thinks you should watch and more. The Middleman airs Monday nights on ABC Family.
  • Piers Morgan – The America’s Got Talent judge talks about the new season with TV Guide. America’s Got Talent plays on Tuesday nights on NBC.
  • Mary-Louise Parker & Elizabeth Perkins – The stars of Weeds talked with TV Guide about the new season. Season four of Weeds premiered last Monday on Showtime. If you would like to win a copy of the season three DVD set, you have until June 30th to do so. We have three copies that will be given away by random drawing.
  • Anna Maria Perez de Tagle – She is Ashley on Hannah Montana and one of the stars of Disney Channel’s new TV movie Camp Rock, which premiere this past Friday night.
  • Craig Siebels – He is the production designer on Burn Notice and he recently talked to Amrie over at the TV addict and others on a recent set visit. Find out how the look of the show came about, how locations are scouted and more. Season two of Burn Notice premieres July 10 on USA.
  • Lesley Ann Warren – The In Plain Sight star talked about her role on the new show, which plays Sunday nights on USA. Find out how she stays in shape, what is challenging about her role and more.
  • Cynthia Watros – The former Lost star sat down with Kristin over at E! Online. The talked about her role on Fear Itself and then the conversation gets a little Lost. Fear Itself airs Thursday nights on NBC.
  • Michael Urie & Becki Newton – They play Marc and Amanda on Ugly Betty and the answered a few questions from Kristin over at E! Online.

Well, it took me about 90 minutes to finish building this list, if you don’t include taking a phone call in the middle of working on it. Hope you enjoy, cause this has just been a funky Saturday.

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