What are the names of the never aired episodes of Threshold? And Other TV Show Questions Answered

Threshold - The Complete SeriesWell it is Wednesday again and time for more of the TV show questions that fans have been searching for. People wanted to know about Living with Fran, The King of Queens and Love Monkey in regards to the upcoming fall season. They were interested to find out where The Mermaid Chair and Eureka are filmed. Also, they had questions about the shows Reunion and Threshold. Do you have a TV show question? Can’t find the answer? Then Ask the TVaholic or leave your TV question in the comments.

When is Reba and Living with Fran going to return to television?
As I mentioned in a previous TV Questions Answered, Reba should be on sometime midseason. As for Living with Fran it will not be back. It has been cancelled.

Is The King of Queens coming back for the fall season?
No. Well I guess it could if the new show The Class really sucks or something. You can look for it to reappear sometime midseason like Reba on The CW and Scrubs on NBC.

Where was the movie The Mermaid Chair filmed?
The movie was filmed in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. That is right. The movie based on the book, The Mermaid Chair, where the story takes place in South Carolina was filmed in Canada. Yet even the author came to like the new setting for the film.

Where is the Sci Fi Channel show Eureka filmed?
The show is shot in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The small town exterior shots are filmed in Chilliwack, which is an hour or so east of Vancouver.

Who died on TV show Reunion?
The Samantha character played by Alexa Davalos was who died. She was the one that had a baby by Will but gave it up while in England. It turns out according to producers of the show that, that baby all grown up 20 years later was to be the one who committed the murder.

Is the VH1 show Love Monkey returning for a second season?
Actually, this wasn’t a VH1 show. It was a CBS show that debuted at midseason on Jan. 17th, 2006 and lasted three episodes before being cancelled. Read my review of the pilot episode. Later VH1 reran the first three episodes along with the remaining five that never saw the light of day on CBS. The show was based on the book Love Monkey by Kyle Smith and as of yet, has not been released on DVD.

What are the names of the never aired episodes of Threshold?
There were 13 episodes in all, including the two-hour “Trees Made of Glass” series premiere, and episode nine was the last to air. The four never aired episodes are: “The Crossing,” “Outbreak (a.k.a. Escalation),” “Vigilante” and “Alienville.” You can find all the episodes on the recently released, Threshold – The Complete Series, DVD set.

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